See us at #PASIC17 in Indianapolis

Ron Vaughn Tuned Signature Wood Blocks at #PASIC17
And FireBird Tambourines, Stainless Steel FlexMount Hardware, Signature S.A.T.B. Log Drums, Split-Ring Carbon Fiber Tambourines, Ron’s signature Triple-Row Recording Tambourines, a great and rich library of tambourine jingles developed patiently for over 50+ years, in tambourine tonal colors of all kinds.

Including some of the best mallets in the world  for Multiple-Percussion, suspended cymbals, piccolo blocks, marimba & vibes, big blocks, temple blocks, and mallets for bells & triangles, including Ron’s super tiny, super articulate, and super powerful TBells, (check’em out on suspended  cymbals!).

*Acoustically insulated log drum suspension mounts in combination with powerful   FlexMount Stainless Steel hardware.
*Large-format 14″ diameter Split-Ring Carbon Fiber ThunderBird Tambourines.
*Russian Birch ST-900 Slapsticks.
*Genuine Rosewood claves, while they last . . . all from a great harvest of some of the         finest Rosewood from the 1970s.

*FlexMount hardware for Ron’s Signature Blocks and Iannis Xenakis’ Rebonds B

*1″ diameter Fluted Jingles in terrific Split-Ring solid shells for some of the most     beautiful soft-dynamic, articulate tambourines you’ll ever hear.

*Solid Steam Bent Drum Shells . . . check out the
stunning 5 1/2 x 14 Solid Cocobolo, in Indy

*Ron’s classic Tp-770 Mahogany/Russian Birch Temple Blocks, and the new Tp-990 Bass   Temple Blocks.

*Ron’s tried and true all-Russian-Birch BTp-5H Temple Blocks, BTp-6H Temple Blocks,
and the vertical BTp-5V Temple Blocks.

*Ascend wood block series, and Ron’s new stainless steel multi-block
Ascend wood block mount.

All 100% made in the U.S.A. by Ron Vaughn, Inc.

Instruments, Equipment, and price list at:

All this and much more!

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Indianapolis!
Nov. 8-11, 2017.    Booths 1168 & 1170.

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